by the tontos

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this album was recorded by the tontos
all songs by the tontos
except drown my blood written by the tontos and cameron ryan leigh


released October 16, 2013



all rights reserved


The Tontos Calgary, Alberta

Seamus Russell Vocals/ Guitar/
Thomas Coles /Drums/Vocals
Jason MacNeil Vocals/Bass/Guitar /
Benny Young Vocals/Guitar/Rythm Guitar

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Track Name: Downtown Train
force the fire
feed the flame,
Kids are in the middle of the downtown train.
Flask in the backpack, micky in the mit,
Polishing a boat load, headed for the ship,
on the downtown train.
Frowns on the platform, count your change
take out your marker on the downtown
headed for the job site workin in a trench
the only mark you've made is your name on the bench of the
downtown train
Track Name: Bump
he's got one for the dj
and a couple dozen for the bands
he's got two handfuls for the audience
on the floor and in the stands.
Lets take whatever he gives us
that lonely powder pushin man
then we'll have a big old party
dancin on the table and holdin hands
well it's 1 2 3 4 come on everybody just a little more allright
5 5 6 8 7 9 10 come on little buddy you're my only friend tonight
he's got one ear on his cell phone
he's got one hand openin the door
3 people grab him by his t shirt
sayin come back in cuz we want some more
let's take whatever he gives us
that lonely powder pushin man
and then we'll have a big old party
dancin on the table and holdin hands.
Track Name: She's so nice
It's alright
It's alright
don't go give it up tonight
put your coat on look so nice
put it on and look so nice
it's ok to hold my hand
it's ok to lean and stand
you can throw your smile my way
turn me on so baby i'll say
she's so nice she's so nice.
Track Name: It's not right what they did to Piggy
Oh piggy
it's not fair
they turned to savages in the middle of nowhere.
oh piggy
you cried
they stoll your glasses
in the middle of the night

dont roll the rock
Track Name: Girls with Style
Oh little stephanie
why ya lookin so sad
see you got that new outfit
payed for by your mom and dad
you know there's not allot of people out there in the world
that can really say that so
if nothins upsettin you
stop lookin so mad

Sweet sweet Katie
walkin downtown in the night
you look so pretty underneath the moonlight
and i know lots of girls
that would stomp and kick and fight
for a little bit of what you got
so lets see those pearly whites come on

girls with style don't rock no smiles anymore
Track Name: Polly Amor
My baby dont mind if i come home late
my baby dont mind if i go on a date
my baby dont mind that my friends are pigs
my baby dont mind if i have a drink

my baby dont mind if i come home lit
my baby dont mind if i say fuck or shit
my babys always in the circle pit
my baby dont mind she dont mind
Track Name: Start a Fire
the sky is hazy
and i cannot feel my feet
we've been walkin for so long
on these dirty con-caved streets
now the leaves are fallin around me
and i love this time of year
so we walk down to the forest
and we had ourselves a beer
oh wait oh i got somethin in my eye
my blurry vision sees your brown hair shining in the sky
Let's start a fire somewhere we're not supposed to
let's do the things they told us we're not meant to do
and if we see the flashlights they'll be commin down the slope
i know the forest like the blood stains on my coat.